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Every Day is for Fishing

At Bluffs Tackle & Marine we offer a huge selection of tackle products as well as professional services to make your fishing experience unforgettable.

About Us

Welcome to Bluffs Tackle and Marine! Located at 2715 West Bay Drive in the beautiful Bluffs district of Pinellas County. Our shop is the best place to find fishing tackle, bait and marine equipment of all kinds in the Greater Tampa Bay Area. Our founders, the Armes Family, are entrepreneurs with a lifetime of recreational and competitive fishing experience. With over 50 years of combined fishing and marine experience and having been in the tournament fishing world for over a decade the Armes family eats, sleeps and breathes fishing.

When they made the decision to open up a tackle shop, one of their main goals was to change the culture of tackle shops. Stuck up, snooty and unhelpful tackle stores are all too common. By creating a friendly atmosphere at Bluffs every visitor to their shop will never feel uncomfortable, pressured, or dumb just because they don’t already know everything there is to know about fishing or fishing tackle. We are educators! We will take the time with one goal in mind - make it easy for people to come in, ask questions, and walk out with the right tackle for the targeted species! Our mission is to put you on the fish and have your best chance to catch your trophy! We will never advise you to purchase an item that isn't right for the type of fishing you are doing. With our extremely knowledgeable staff, we will direct you towards the most proper gear for you to catch your trophy fish! We also carry plenty of live and frozen bait to help you catch more fish! Come and visit us today and find out what turns our new customers into regulars!

Our Team

Jason Tripp

Managing Partner

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Products We Serve

Bluffs Tackle & Marine offers a wide range of products that will not leave indifferent any professional fisherman. We sell only top-quality products from the recognized industry leaders.



Terminal Tackle



Soft Baits

Hard Baits


Custom Engraving

Custom Metal Art

Frozen Bait

More Cool Stuff


Take line off reels

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2715 Westbay Drive, Belleair Bluffs FL 33770